Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This blog...

...has been neglected because I discovered tumblr and it's like the club drug of blogging. I'm cutting back! Updates later today. Really tired. Day off. Bed (Again).

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Once upon a time I was falling in love...

…now I’m free from the 2 year prison that I called a relationship. How’s this folks:

I was interested in this fucker immediately and things were awesome. We got along, we had mutual friends (or so I thought, but he talked mad shit about them), his family was nice, and things just flowed. Then we moved in together. I shouldv’e known things would go downhill after 3 months of living there when I discovered that NOBODY in his family knew I was there or was supposed to know, but they figured it out. I thought that was sketch. Then there was the issue of us not doing anything EVER anywhere with anybody…not even as a couple. This was all blamed on methadone. Now, if you’re recovering and you’re on it..more power to you, but it’s a pussy way out. If you’re gonna do smack for a decade of your life (which usually happens when you raise a child in Carroll County, MD) then take it like a man and let that shit naturally withdrawal. Why extend it 3 years only to do it later??? It only takes a few days, right? RIGHT!!! Well, methadone was ALSO the reason we NEVER had sex, had to keep our place 50 degrees at all times, and the reason (he claims) that he needs massive amounts of weed all the time. Now, if you know me you know that I’m not the one to be dating someone that doesn’t do anything except sleep and whine (like a girl) 24/7 about how nobody likes them or that they have no life and that ALL of their friends (Yes, all of them…even the ones that are probably pretending to be there for him now…but none of you could call him 2 years in a row on his bday when he sends ALL OF YOU cards, cds, dvds, etc.) treat him like crap. I can’t do it. Many of time I tried to leave. Every time I was talked back by him and various 3rd parties that said: you two just need to work it out. There’s nothing to work out. I’m not attracted to him, and haven’t been in awhile. I missed out on 2 really awesome guys because of this and everyday I grow more and more depressed with the situation. This causes me to leave for HOURS at a time and not answer ANY of his calls/text. Why should I?? If I were there he’d just be asleep.

I feel I did my part by staying with him through his graduation. That kept him from relapsing the one time he threatened to take a roll and I made him flush it. It kept him focused and then placed stayed clean and he stayed fed. I’m not a babysitter. That shit is for the birds. I honestly give him 3 weeks off of methadone to go back to shooting up b/c addicts with NO self esteem are ALWAYS the ones to overdose. Just an observation.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Uncertainty IS exciting and Tumblr is awesome...

So I created a tumblr page and now I'm afraid I may have to abandon this one. Well, not abandon, just periodically neglect.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mixtape anxiety!

So I've been working on a full length bmore club mix cd. Most of my mixes are short and sweet (http://soundcloud.com/ryanwilsonmusic), but I've had the request to do something longer. So I'm actually thinking of taking my favorite short mix and building from there. Braxton is going to help with the artwork, so it should be awesome. I'm just flooded with ideas and it's kind of overwhelming. More to come...

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm in the midst of a severe brain fart.

I was sitting here ready to blog as I do. I had an entire idea and I was ready to rant. Then my concentration was broken, but for less than 5 seconds...and it all went away. Is that normal or should I start taking a ginkgo supplement???

Dear Straight Girls:

My being gay doesn't mean that I'm comfortable enough with you to discuss your slutty escapades. This also includes seeing any body part that you can't legally expose in public. I don't know you!! I'm friends with your friend and even she looked disgusted.